This New Kid T.Y. Hilton is Just What the Dakter Ordered

His skillset is just what we needed right now. I think we’re about to see that we should have signed this guy much earlier in the season. And I can’t find a good reason why they didn’t unless Hilton and the team agreed to a deal for later in the season. But give me Gallup, and Lamb on the outside, with Hilton and Lamb splitting time motioning and running routes from the slot.

I love the heart of Noah Brown, but he’s he has a clumsy aspect to him to where I’d like to see him slim up another 15 lbs. Then, you’ve got a much better WR, who can still block and play ST, because he’s got the experience and technique down.

This also lengthens his career. And just overall makes the team better in theory.

But back to T.Y. Guy has some skills. He can split the safeties cheeks. If we’re getting the vintage player, which I think is possible now that he’s had time to recover from past injuries. And say, if, cross our fingers, Tyron Smith comes back fully-healthy at LT, and we finally see Tyler Smith at LG, I think this team has a very good shot down the stretch. And just loaded up with the right player, for right now. IMHO, The OB "Won’t Workout" J talks need to stop, until the offseason. The Cowboys need to be wise and vet the situation rather than chasing shiny objects. And focus on these guys right now, because T.Y. got some skills to. Whereas, OBJ has more of a name. But you can mention these guys in the same conversation. OBJ is 30, Hilton 33…

T.Y. has had 5 playoff appearances (More than Beckham, who has 2, but 1 SB appearance where Hilton has 0) with the Colts. So he’s no slouch.

I think some fans are underestimating this move. Puts us more on par, potentially, against the Eagles. With Hilton, Lamb, Gallup…Throw in Hendershot/Shultz/Fergie.. is Dallas Goddart still banged up?

Either way, we match up well with the Eagles on offense right now, with Tyron coming back just in time to take Steele’s spot, who I had vastly underrated. Ultimately, I think Jason Peters is your RT against the Eagles. And Tyron will start at LT, and Tyler, being the team guy he is will do what is asked of him. Man, say what you want about this off-season, but the Boys nailed that pick, pretty far down the draftboard, too.

Anyway, here’s Hilton.. He adds an element that we need.

Most importantly, he appears to be Dak friendly.

I’d like to see a 13 set with bunched trips out wide, with Hilton in the backfield.

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