Cowboys identity consistently inconsistent

Every time we think we improve upon something it implodes.

Every time we think we can hang our hat on something it disappoints us.

I’ve come to the conclusion that all we can count on from this team consistently is being inconsistent.

I should certainly be happier about this team that I am the fact that we’ve won 10 games gotten by the injuries have a chance to make the playoffs possibly play Tampa Bay who is a inferior team and maybe even get a playoff win.

But for some reason I am disgusted with the inconsistency of this team maybe because I see the potential that’s being wasted.

Maybe because I see our front office sit on their hands and watch our division rivals make the moves that we should make and no in the end that what we haven’t done and what they have done is going to be our undoing.

In my mind at this point and I truly hope I’m wrong but this season is about over doesn’t really matter what we do with these last few games we will probably end up playing Tampa Bay a game which we may win and then we will be watching the rest of the tournament.

Not because we don’t have the talent but we because we can’t get it to play consistently well from week to week.

We have everything in spurts coaching in spurts.

Great defense in spurts.

Prolific offense in spurts.

The only things that have been fairly consistent are our running game and our kicking game but they are not enough to get us to the Super bowl.

So I’m just going to ride this out to the end enjoy the enjoyable tolerate the frustrating and see where it takes us but I have a feeling our cealing is winning a game against Tampa Bay and then watching the tournament from home.


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