Thank you Cooper Rush for 4-2 but time to bring Dak back

We are very fortunate for the job Rush did while Prescott was out. He over achieved in his absence winning 4 games which was probably at least double what most had hoped after week 1.

We were worried that Prescott being out 6-8 weeks might mean the season was over but Rush up until last night performed admirably doing exactly what we needed playing error free making some timely throws while letting our running game and defense carry the load. We thank you. Well done . And it’s deserving of a longer and better contract as he’s solidified a secure backup role.

Hopefully Prescott is ready to return as we witnessed last night why we need our franchise QB regardless of whatever weaknesses he presents. We need the ability to put up more production in our passing game and score more points when up against the better offenses in the league. And the ability to potentially overcome turnovers which place us in holes that the defense , special teams and running alone can’t overcome.

The good news is even after dropping a tough divisional game last night which technically drops us 3 games behind in the NFC East we are still in position as 6th seed thanks to the efforts in this 5 game stretch.

We will need help to overcome the division now but the playoffs are still in our control. And if this offense can get back on track even close to last years production it should compliment the strides this defense has made and force it has become carrying us this far. And we could still be a force to reckon with in January if we can remain healthy .

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