Brett Kollmann Thoughts On Dallas Draft (Bootleg Football Podcast)

This is a podcast (Bootleg Football) that I always try to catch, mainly because one of the best football guys around, Brett Kollmann, is on there. Kollmann really knows the in’s and out’s of football. He knows just about everything there is to know about the NFL game, from a technique and technical standpoint. He always gives some great knowledge and I always try to catch his stuff. He is fantastic IMO. More football knowledge than just about anyone else you can watch.

In this video, they’re going over his and EJ Snyder’s favorite draft classes. They don’t like draft “grades” but they do like some team’s drafts more than others, so they each pick their top 3 draft classes. I recommend watching the whole thing if you have time but it is pretty long, so at least go to the part about Dallas. I will give you the times to skip to below.

Kollmann has Dallas as his 3rd favorite draft class and in the video he goes over the class and why he likes it so much. Then, After EJ talks about the Cowboys draft, Brett talks specifically about Mazi Smith and why he liked that pick so much.

It is another viewpoint on the Dallas picks and will let Cowboys fans see the players from a different perspective. But more than that, it is a viewpoint from one of the few guys out there that I really appreciate his understanding of football. I highly recommend him in any video / Podcast.

They start talking about the Cowboys draft at about the 3:20 min mark.

They talk specifically about Mazi Smith at about the 10:00 min mark.

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