This Defense Is Special

This defense has a chance to be one of those rare defenses that are being talked about many years later, like we do the 85 Bears or the 2000 Ravens.

The Dallas defense has the unbelievably difficult combination of very good coverage on the backend with a phenomenal pass rush up front. You see good defenses in the NFL and they usually have one or the other. The fact that Dallas has it on both ends of the defense makes it extremely difficult to beat. It doesn’t mean that they will go undefeated but it is going to be a nightmare to try to beat.

The secondary just didn’t really allow anyone on the Giants to get open and Micah and company gave Jones almost no time to try to find anyone to throw to.

That combination is rare, elite, or any other word you want to come up with but it is an unreal unit and it should keep the Cowboys in every game this season. Enjoy it guys because there just aren’t defenses very often that is this good.

Hell of a job putting that defense together. Kudos all around.

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