When Dak and Amari Played Together

Prior to the 2018 trade for Amari Cooper midway through the season, Dak Prescott’s QB rating was 87.4 and the Cowboys record was 3-4. The Cowboys would use Amari to go on a 7-2 run to end up 10-6.

Dak and Amari played in 43 regular season games together. Dak has a combined passer rating of 103.5 in those games. If that were his career number then he would be the 3rd highest rated QB in NFL history behind only Mahomes and one tenth of a point behind Aaron Rodgers.

He completed 68% of his passes with a TD/INT ratio of 3.3 to 1.

Last season, Dak’s passer rating was 91.1, almost down to the passer rating he had in the first half of the 2018 season prior to Amari’s arrival.

This past season, Dak’s TD/INT ratio was 1.5 to 1, cut by more than half from where it was when Amari was a Cowboy.

I’m not saying that this was the only factor in Dak’s drop in efficiency and I realize that passer ratings aren’t the "tell all" stat when it comes to evaluating quarterbacks.

However, should this information be ignored, disregarded?

Jerry has a history of replacing highly productive players that reach free agency with minimal value draft picks and free agents. His has never been successful, in fact, it is typically the opposite and results in a complete disaster.

Jerry thought he could replace the record holder for most rushing yards in a season, DeMarco Murray with a big mouth, no talent Joseph Randle. He thought he could replace Amari with a rookie 3rd round pick and low-production oft injured free agent.

Now Zeke is gone and, yes, I agree, his productivity had declined sharply. However, do the Cowboys even have another RB capable of producing Zeke’s numbers from last season? just as it was in Amari’s case, Jerry’s solution is a low draft pick and a no-name veteran.

At this point how much trust has this franchise’s management earned?

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