Stabs at the 2023 Runningback Rotation

Some of the biggest news this offseason for Dallas has been the release of Ezekiel Elliott, who is the latest big player to prove the NFL stands for what have you done for me lately.

With that said, it’s exciting to think about the rotation coming up in 2023. I feel like one combination can be Luepke and Pollard. The player I really liked, as an NFL prospect, was Noah Gindorff, simply because he’s basically a lineman who can go out for a pass, and might be good on those swing passes. I have to say, the title FB, made my evaluation on him (Luepke), well, non-existent: I just didn’t think even McCarthy would add a full-back. But I do have visions of Hunter Luepke and Duece Vaughn in the same backfield, and then 2 TE sets with Pollard when he’s in. There’s a lot we can do there, especially if Luepke ends up being a good blocker, and at least 2 of our TEs take a step in their blocking game. It can happen.

I think we keep 4RBs. I think it’s Pollard, Jones, Luepke, Vaughn. And, Vaughn can also be your 5th, 6th, emergency WR. Yes, he can do that, especially in a WCO. The path for Vaugh is to adapt to being a two-role player. He has it in him.

The other thing is that Schoonmaker is actually better than people think. Yes, he is older. But there’s a reason they went up to get him in the 2nd round. They wanted to improve at TE, instead of staying the same, because they already have 2 guys who are on the level of those remaining, aside from guys like Josh Whyle, who I think was under-scouted as a pass-catcher.

So, Jones and Pollard, can both be WRs, and are marginally good at blocking. Meanwhile, the Pollard/Vaughn, and Pollard Luepke combinations could be interesting. For whatever reason, I don’t think they like or trust Malik Davis. They pulled him in the San Fran game, and just never gave him another chance all while Zeke blew it, in large part becasue we became so predictable handing it off to Zeke. We shall see. As for Zeke, my kudos go out to him. We all know RBs have short careers, and not many can outrun Zeke. He’s a top 5 Cowboys back in my book, and that’s among a history of having nothing but the most elite backs in Dallas.

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