Micah Parsons Locker Room Media Questions

Parsons is obviously an All-Pro player and is one of the best in the league, but having him in Dallas goes beyond just his physical ability on the field. He is exactly the kind of player Dallas needed and is hungry for greatness.

I have trouble putting his impact on the team in words. He clearly changes the entire defense when he’s on the field but his attitude and determination are what you want from a great player. His competitiveness. He thinks the way you’d want your best player to think, which has an influence on your entire locker room.

A few things from this interview that stuck out to me:

  • In the offseason Micah saw a list of the top 10 best defenses in history, like the 2000 Ravens that only allowed under 13 points per game. He sent it to Quinn and told him that they need to do what is needed to be on that list. It just shows that that is what he was thinking of during the offseason.
  • He said that he greatly admires Aaron Donald because he’s one of the best to ever play and he wants to talk to him because people with greatness have something special about them. Micah said he aspires to Donald’s level of greatness. He said that one day he will pick Donald’s brain.
  • When a reporter mentioned that Micah came in second in the Defensive MVP race last season (to TJ Watt), which was ahead of Aaron Donald, who came in third… He said it doesn’t matter because they both lost. Parsons said, “What was I, the second loser?” He is hyper-competitive and unless he wins, he’s just not happy.
  • When asked about meeting Aaron Judge and why he wanted it, Micah said that he is just a fan of greatness, and when someone is great at what they do, there is something that comes along with that. A reason why. He said that he wanted to pick Judge’s brain but they really didn’t have time right then. He said in the offseason, he wants to go to New York, sit down with Judge and ask him questions.

Everything Micah is doing is in an effort to be great. Quinn talked about how hard Parsons worked this offseason, and how he isn’t resting on his great rookie season. And we know how much Micah hates to lose.. He has every intangible and trait that you could hope for in a player, and the whole team will be impacted by him, you watch.

People always say that some guys make it because they work so hard at it, and some guys make it because they’re just so talented… but you get greatness when you have a guy that is really talented and really works at their craft. Well, that’s what Micah is. Dallas is just crazy lucky to have a guy like Parsons. He can be a big part of a championship, if the team will just work and follow his lead.

Here is the video. It is a good watch I think.


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