Don’t Overlook Dante Fowler

I’ve been saying it since last season… Fowler brings a ton of juice to the pass rush. People shouldn’t underestimate his value to the pass rush just because he’s not a starter. He is very good.

Fowler isn’t so good that he can be that guy that all offenses have to worry about like Micah or Nick Nosa are… but if he is the 4th or 5th rusher for the offense to worry about, he is absolutely a very big problem for offenses.

Even if Fowler isn’t getting sacks, he is always around the QB and making him extremely uncomfortable. He flies off the edge and when the offense is fighting to stop Parsons, Odighizuwa, and D Lawrence, the offense very much needs to worry about Fowler, where he is and if he’s blocked effectively.

He needs some props because he’s a good player, he’s one hell of a bargain for Dallas, and a very valuable piece of Quinn’s defensive front. Don’t overlook him… just appreciate a good player who is going to cause his share of problems for opposing teams.

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