After camp thoughts about this 22/23 squad

-It was always about the plan "when Tyron gets hurt". The same thing was said about Sean Lee. Both were great players, but this league is all about being available. The Tyler Smith era has begun. The expectation is early growing pains, but will become an elite starter late this yr or next. I believe Tyler's play will allow the Cowboys to move on from Tyron next offseason. Perfect world, Jason Peters never plays a snap at LT this season.

-This offseason primary goal was to fix their rushing attack, Wouldn't be so concerned about lack of veteran depth at receiver as I believe we are going to see more 22 personnel this yr. When the Cowboys offense has been elite under Dak, it has been due to balance. Add in Dak/Zeke now being fully healthy, our offense should rebound, depending on how the OL comes together. Huge years for Biaz, Steele and McGovern. Will they earn 2nd contracts?

-Time for Kellen Moore unleash Tony Pollard. He isn't playing special teams any more, don't need to worry about his snap counts. He is a matchup nightmare, get him involved in both the run and the pass. Also, find ways to get Turpin involved in the offense. His skill set is very much like a young DJax.

-Defense starts about stopping the run and getting teams in passing situations. Bohanna reportedly has taken the next step and earned a starting position. Can Osa do the same in year 2 at the 3T? They probably have their best depth inside in a long while.

-This is the deepest DL rotation we have seen in year's. Our pass rush has potential to become elite, IF this defense can win the early downs. I believe we are going to see teams game plan to take Parsons out, which should allow the rest of the players to have big seasons with favorable matchups.

-Our linebacker unit has elite potential as well and could even get stronger as the season progresses. Lve came on late, the addition of Barr and then the two LSU prospects contributing at some point this season. Cox might take a couple weeks to get going, but he offers elite coverage abilities.

-Can Hooker return to form or is his body too broken down? Can Brown have a repeat performance? Will Lewis hold off Bland all season long? Can Diggs take the next step as a cover corner? Think the secondary will be fine, especially with a strong pass rush in front of them.

-I am very skeptical that Maher will be better for the 2nd time. Odds are we are still going to have PK troubles. I can care less about those 50 plus FG's, but care more about the extra points and kicks within makeable ranges.

Is this team a Super Bowl Contender? A lot of things would have to go right, especially the OL. I do believe they are a playoff contender and could be in that mix in the near future.

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