The X Factor is Michael Gallup

After Dallas signed Jason Peters last week, the Cowboys suddenly became a player again — a player to make the playoffs, at least.

The thing is, there aren't many fans saying we don't have a shot at the playoffs. Even the most bitter and pessimistic fans know deep down that this team has a good chance of making the playoffs.

But winning is the name of the game, and the Cowboys haven't done that since . . . well, you know the answer to that.

For those doubting this team, I don't think they understand how far medicine has advanced in the area of ACL surgeries because they never include Gallup in the conversation. And we all know that if the Dallas Cowboys could do something to speed up Michael Gallup's recovery time, they would.

I'm not going to say that Gallup will play or he won't play. But I think there's a good possibility that he may actually be ready to play right now, due to advancements in the are of ACL tears and stem cell research, which has shown to reduce recovery time, drastically.

He's already been out there doing reps, and if he was going to play, they would be foolish to announce it right now. Because you gameplan a certain way for certain guys. Defending Michael Gallup is a lot different than defending Jalen Tolbert, for now at least, although I do have high expectations for Tolbert, and Fehoko.

But down the stretch, if Gallup comes back the same player he was before the injury, or stronger, he's just sort of the x-factor on offense.

I'm sort of getting the feeling that he'll be out there for game 2, if not game 1.

Just a hunch on my part.

I've been wrong before. And I would never fault them for keeping him healthy, but you know Jerry, the gambling man. He's got some new toys to play with on offense.

Whatever the true status of Gallup's health is, let's not break our toys, so can't play with them come that Christmas time of year when it really counts.

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