Don’t judge this team early- either way

This 2022 Cowboys roster is certainly a young and interesting crew. A ton of rookies and new faces. Lots of questions at OL and WR. Maybe K too. Lots of upside and potential coupled with lots of uncertainty. Only in regular games against NFL starter quality competition can reveal what your team really is.

So here’s my big point: Win or lose Sunday night- blowout or close game- don’t judge this team at the beginning of the season. Give it at least 4-6 games before screaming SB or also saying “we’re going nowhere”. I doubt many will take my advice by I’m throwing it out anyway, :).

So if we win Sunday night keep these thoughts in mind:

  • Be excited. Celebrate.
  • Just remember- it’s 1 of 17.
  • It does not mean we can plan the parade route in February.
  • It does mean every play that worked Sun night will also work for games 2-17.
  • It does not mean if a rookie has a great play or even great game, they are headed to Canton.
  • What worked against Tampa Bay may not against Cincy and vice versa.

If we lose Sunday night just remember:

  • Some great seasons start with a loss.
  • It’s just 1 of 17.
  • It does not mean we suck, and there’s no hope. (Well it might mean we suck but it’s too early to know!)
  • If a rookie or new player has a bad game it doesn’t necessarily mean they will play poorly all year.
  • What didn’t work against Tampa may work against Cincy next week.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s one game. It takes 17 to determine what kind of team we are. That’s why you play them ALL before determining playoff seeds.

Win or lose Sunday I’m going to be glad REAL football is finally here and that we are at beginning of a long season to determine what this team is. Let’s GOooooooooooooo Cowboys!

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