Couple of bye week thoughts

-Think many would of taken a 6-2 start prior to the season. Without Dak for 5 of those games, the Cowboys did an excellent job.

-Tyler Smith is done a solid job at LT, however, think he might be better suited inside at Guard. He is a people mover and athletic enough to hit moving targets, where he struggles is against quickness and speed. Have yet to see anyone get past his anchor. Really looks like a poor man's Larry Allen.

-Turpin like Pollard needs to be more apart of the team's passing game. Hit one big play and team's will need to respect it. It blows my mind how Moore fails to use these electric players.

-Think the offense needs 1 more receiving option. What drives me crazy about Lamb is not only his drops, but never fights for the football. This offense is missing that type of player.

-Lve isn't the reason why the run defense has struggled, like one poster believes. Watch the DT's get blow off the football and the RE's struggle with outside containment. Any LB who has to take on lineman will struggle. Add in the scheme also takes players out of position at times. It's a group effort why the run defense has struggled.

-I believe the Cowboys are waring out Parsons playing him exclusively at Defensive End. He isn't going to survive the season if he is a full time defensive lineman. Also, believe he is a liability at times against the run due to his agressiveness. Play him off ball in obvious run situations, keeps him more protected and our run defense improves as well as he can just run to the football.

-Saw a jumbo DT package yesterday with Bohanna, Hankins and Golston. All those inside runs disappeared. This might be part of the solution to fix their weakness.

-These defensive pre-snap penalties are killing this defense. Many times that stop teams and these penalties extend drives that lead to points.

-I would flip Pollard/Zeke, have Zeke be more change of pace guy and the closer.

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