MM’s West Coast Personnel with the Packers

I did some research last night and tried to see what MM’s skilled positions personnel looked like at his time with the Packers:

-Never had a great running back: Ryan Grant, Eddie Lacy, James Starks were all average at best at the position.

-The same can be said about their TE’s, outside of Finley, Cooke, a bunch of Jag’s.

-Their WR room was Donald Driver/Greg Jennings, then became Jordy Nelson/Randall Cobb/James Jones, where a young Adams replaced Jones late in MM time.

-I believe (opinion) MM is going to tweak his scheme and become more run first oriented. He is going to devise the best way to play to Dak’s strengths. He may not had great running backs in GB, cause why would he take the ball out of Rodgers hands. He knows how to use a strong ground attack from his days as a OC with the Saints.

-Front office job now is to find players that fit this scheme. High-end route runners, that get quick separation. If they do decide to become more run first, adding another TE becomes necessary, especially if Shultz departs. Target running backs who are dual threats, I aspect more screens and be more apart of the passing game.

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