Thoughts about the Vikings!

The Vikings are probably the hottest team in the league coming off of an improbable win in Buffalo. A team that doesn't beat themselves and has won many close football games.


-Their Defensive scheme resembles former Bronco HC, Vangio. Yes, this was the scheme that gave the Cowboy Offense fits last season. Deep shells, take away all the big passing plays. The way to beat it, is take what is giving underneath and have success running the football. Against the Eagles they were being gashed on the ground and refused to bring extra men into the box.

-Their secondary is very beatable. Peterson isn't the same player he once was and they are starting a rookie on the other side.

-Have 2 legitimate pass rushers, where Smith leads the league in total pressures. This allows them to generate pressure without the need of the blitz.


-Their offense is loaded with talent across the board, 2 quality backs, 2 excellent receivers, one perhaps the best in the league and a legitimate receiving TE. Last time they faced the Vikings, they held Jefferson to 2 catches.

-Their new HC comes from the Rams, expect to see a lot of eye candy with a lot of motion, boot legs, etc.

-Darrishaw, their LT and best lineman is questionable to play. This could be a huge area to exploit. Last time these teams faced, the Vikings became a short passing team cause they could protect Cousins long enough.

-Once again, the Cowboy Defense is going to face one of the better rushing attacks in this league. Cook is elite, Mattison isn't that far behind. This will be an excellent test. Will the Defense respond?

-Cousins has flashes of elite play and other times makes rookie mistakes with bad interceptions. When he is forced to move off a spot, his tends to struggle.

Special Teams

-Kind of like the Packers, the Cowboys should have the advantage here.

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