Don’t Spike the ball if you don’t absolutely have too!

On their last drive. Philly completed a 20 yard pass for a 1st down on our 19 yard line. They had a timeout, but did not use it. The wasted 10 seconds rushing to the LOS and spiking the ball. This not only wasted 10 seconds, but way more importantly, it wasted a down! Now instead of having 4 downs they only had 3 downs to get a 1st down.

At that point in the game the extra down was way more important than the time. I am so glad they only had 3 downs to get the 1st instead of 4 downs. This reduced their chance of getting the 1st down by 25%!!!!!

Garrett did this in a playoff game vs GB. We had plenty of time at the end of the game, but Garrett, had Dak, waste a down spiking the ball. We had to settle for a long FG on that series to tie the game. Then we kicked off deep to GB, which did not take any time off the clock. We should have kicked ball short of goal line. The ball was on the 25 yard line. On the first play we should have strip sacked Rogers, but our defender did not go for the strip sack, just the sack. Shortly after Rogers is allowed to get out of the pocket, there was a blatant hold, and throw a 35 yard dime on the sideline. GB, kicks a long FG to win the game.

Not only was spiking the ball dumb in that game, but there were 2-3 other dumb calls by Garret in the last 2 minutes of that game!

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