If You Don’t Think Deuce Vaughn Can Play WR, Look at His Highlights

Several of us draft nerds were talking about how good of a receiver Gibbs might be, as a RB. But if you look at Vaughn, he actually has a whole lot of Cole Beasley in him. My hunch is that Deuce is actually pretty strong in the passing game, but it was more or less kept under wraps on college, so that he may have a way to pave a brighter path for his NFL career.

There’s also the fact that he can only play one position at a time, and was their lead back at Kansas, so he didn’t get as much time, playing from the receiver position. But I have no doubt in my mind he can cause havoc in the short and intermediate passing games, because guys who are short, and can get, are hard to cover, even for taller, faster guys with the most fluid hips.. The fact he’s practiced so many juke moves, like you can see several players in his background, so Deuce has studied Sanders, Emmitt, McCaffrey. The biggest issue for him will be whether or not he can stay healthy.

He’s a pain to cover in the open field, especially in one-on-one situations.

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