Mazi Smith: Low-Key Consistency

So, I was just looking at Mazi Smith’s highlight reel. I noticed there were enough highlight type plays, that I could put a number on at what point in time he shows up in games. And there are a couple of impressive momemts there, where he makes a key contribution, albeit not fancy by any means. I’ll just say that I gather he plays the role he’s coached to play, so we’re just getting a slight taste of what he can do, by looking at that role, from what I gather. Michigan sticks to certain old school type tactics, and likes to key in on the run, which was Mazi’s gig there.

There’s not a whole lot to glean here; specifically, the key is to look at specifics to get an overall picture. His highlight type plays showed up 13 times in the 1st quarter, 9 times in the 2nd quarter, 14 times in the 3rd quarter, and 12 times in the 4th quarter, with one of his 3rd quarter plays contributing to a fumble for their opening drive in the 4th quarter. So, Mazi looks like a player who shows up throughout the game. He’s not just a first-half warrior.

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