With our Legacy would you have went all in like the Rams to win our 6th Superbowl?

Sounds like we have some fans that don’t believe in going all in! Kinda like Jerry.

With our legacy( 5 Superbowl wins and 8 Superbowl appearances) or even without our legacy( the Rams legacy), I would go ALL in with the team we have right now!

Our legacy right now, is just below, New England and Pittsburghs legacies, and equal to the Whiners legacy. Everyone else is looking up at our legacy. This is after 27 LONG years of failure in the playoffs!!

I know some of you don’t think we can win a Superbowl with Dak, but WE can!

I know our D played well in the playoffs, but we all know, it could have played better( the long drive the Whiners had, the Whiners scored easily before the half). The D needs a couple of elite pieces to be a TRULY dominant D. We need an elite run stuffing DT to pair with Hankins, an elite LBer, Bobby Wagner, to free up Micah( add 15 pounds and rush the passer more) and possibly an upgrade at CB, though I do like our young CB’s.

With a few moves for the Defense, we will still have the draft capital, FA, and possible trades to improve our offense( a 2nd receiver, possible upgrades on the O line, and a middle round draft choice to replace Zek)

With a truly DOMINANT D and a strong running game, Dak can JUST drive the bus.

We need to go all in THIS YEAR to STRENGTHEN our LEGACY!

A SUPERBOWL victory puts us at the top of the NFL mountain!!!

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