A Positive Take on Offseason

First, let me say that while I’m disappointed in losing Cooper and Gregory and Wilson and happy we kept DLaw, Schultz, Hooker, and hopefully Kearse, on paper and in the media, it’s been a bad off-season, especially regarding optics, for the Dallas Cowboys. The positive I’m trying to see and that I believe can take place I give no credit for to the front office. I’m not suggesting they have a new plan…lol. It’s clear that they don’t know what they are doing, and any positive vibes around Stephen that he has been a positive factor on keeping Jerry in line has blown up in his face.

So this is just me trying to see the positive.

I’m not totally blown by this off-season…..yet. What we were doing in recent years wasn’t getting it done. Huge contracts beyond player production wasn’t working. Too many super stars who weren’t very super; not enough grinders; not enough solid grunts and depth; not enough accountability, availability, or responsibility.

For whatever reason, attitude, QB, play-calling, doesn’t matter – Cooper’s production wasn’t even close to what we were paying. He and his contract are gone.

We all wanted to see a great success story with Gregory and kept hoping for the best. We saw the effort this year, but even if you ignore the offsides and foolish penalties, no one can argue that his actual production was worth the contract we offered. Try to forget that Stephen looks like a fool, Gregory had not earned or even showed enough to warrant that chunk of the pie.

DLaw….one of my favorites, but even he saw the handwriting on the wall and came through with a contract suggestion that is much more in line with his ability and helps the team.

Von Miller? Not me because I don’t believe he makes us better enough as a team over the next 2-3 years to make us SB favorites. Anything can happen in any particular year, but we are not a team ready to add this guy or that guy to keep up with the Rams, Chiefs, Bills.

I think we keep Kearse, and with that, I actually like the fact that we are not paying superstar money to players that are not superstars. What we are doing is resigning and paying guys who are actually making a difference, being very productive on the field, and helping us win games more than hurting us.

The defense made HUGE strides last year. Keeping a very productive Kearse and signing Hooker for 2 years on a cheap contract, along with Donovan Wilson keeps us young at safety with guys who all seem to be on the rise. If we have DLaw, Armstrong, Gholston, and perhaps a FA/draft pick, along with Parsons, I like our pass rush. Our young DTs should be better. Shore up the LB spot, and I like the idea of now building on a defense that was showing surprising signs as a strength.

Stop counting on the offense to score 35 points to win games. Build up the OL and get back to running the ball! Add a 3rd receiver. Control the ball, the clock, and hit chunk plays off play-action.

Focus on young players who are productive and are not aging. Don’t spend money and lock up aging or undependable players just because of talent. As the defense becomes a force and the run game returns, then be ready to sign the 1-2 free agents that help you win a title.

I’m staying positive and refraining from judging the roster until after free agency and the draft, but I see a philosophy that I like better than what we’ve seen in recent years, though I know it’s not by design, but more the Jones’s stumbling into it over their own mistakes.

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