Cowboys – Eagles Matchups


  • WRs – adv Eagles as they have 2 big playmakers and an explosive #3. Dallas has a very good #1 and a so-so #2.
  • TEs – adv Eagles as Goedert is best and will be back; Cowboys are deeper
  • OL – close, probably a push – we definitely lose at LG and C.
  • RB – adv Dallas
  • QB – even the haters would not have favored Hurts this summer, but he’s definitely been better in that offense with those weapons and OL…unless you want to argue against all the numbers, accept it.
  • DL – push; Eagles better inside; Cowboys better outside
  • LBs – push
  • Secondary – Dallas lost 2 starting CBs for the year while Eagles finally gave Slay a partner in Bradberry. Adv Eagles at CB; It’s close, but I give Cowboys the edge at S.
  • Special Teams – push in my opinion, though I think we have the better punter. It worries me that we are losing key players in covering kicks because they now must start on defense
  • Coaching…personally, I like Dallas

On paper, position by position, Eagles get the same advantage we see in the records. If we hadn’t lost 2 corners and could have added a healthy OBJ to help the receiving corps, I’d feel really good about Dallas vs Philly. But we are weaker at WR and CB, areas the Eagles got stronger at this year.

The Cowboys can win in a few weeks and in the playoffs, but they shouldn’t be favored, and I think it will require some heroics.

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