No more earning “Trust”

I have always been a Jerry supporter. I have also believed that treating players as Jerry does couldnt but help us keep players that we want to keep. But after what just happened with Gregory, I hope our front office just learned a very valuable lesson that I actually learned about 20 years ago.

I coached club sports. I got along with my parents incredibly well and more importantly, my players did and most still do love me. I have been to 12 former players weddings and I have 2 more coming up in the next year. Players dont ask you to their weddings unless you mean something to them. One of the kids getting married this year, I havent coached since 2006.

That being said, we had a TREMENDOUS team and they were all age eligible to return to my team the following Summer. We would have dominated and had a legit shot at winning nationals. These parents all agreed they were going to return the following year. Then 3 "Gold," teams came calling. I wont explain it in detail, but these are older teams that were getting seen by colleges, even though my players were young. 3 of those players that were TREMENDOUS up and left me. It broke my heart, because, much like Jerry, I was more than just a coach. I loved those kids. In the end, those parents will always do whatever they feel is best for THEM. Screw the team and absolutely screw whatever relationship you think you have. I decided that year that I would NEVER allow myself to get that close to my players again as I couldnt take that stuff personally any longer, it was simply too emotional.

This is it for Jerry. Players will always do what is best for them…. the Cowboys better learn that and start doing the same. There is VERY LITTLE loyalty out there. Look how unhappy Rodgers was in GB. Remember when they drafted Love? All of the sudden it was about lack of respect and trust and Rodgers wanted out. 4 years and 200 million dollar contract later, the packers love and respect him again…

Players dont give one crap about you Jerry. You shouldnt give on crap about them. This is why I never shed a tear when we boot a player. My loyalty has and always will be about the team and never the player. I actually spent 4 or 5 hours at a bar table watching college football and sharing drinks with Gregory 3 years ago when he was suspended, I actually remember telling that to his face. He was cool and gracious, and I wish him nothing but the best……but the team is my concern, not the player. Time to wake up Cowboys… you just got the shaft. Dont cry about it, learn from it.

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