My Dream NFL format

If I could change the landscape of the NFL as far as contracts go then this would be my dream NFL. The salary cap and FA as we know it would change. This is just a rough idea so I know there's flaws in it but try reading it to get the general idea.

-every draft pick would be immediately under contract. 1st round is a 6 year deal, 2nd round 5 year deal and 3-7 rounds and UFA are on a 4 year deal.

– every player makes a minimum wage. So all players make the same amount. Once a player has played a certain %of snaps then he goes to the next tier.

-the next tier is starters and contributors have a system of metrics, numbers, stats, etc that would determine their value and they would be paid accordingly.

-every season the NFL would release a salary cap number for each position. So the best QB in this system would make 50 million, the 2nd QB would make 48 million and on down the line depending on your end of the season grade.

-injured players who contributed but had season ending injuries, ala Michael Gallup, would be paid on a projection of their metrics.

– when a contract is up the team can decide to keep or release the player. So kind of like when an expansion draft comes. Every team would be able to designate half of their FAs as keepers and the other half exposed.

So in my dream system teams would be rewarded for drafting well. So in my system for this year we entered FA with 12 or so FAs. We then could say we are keeping 6 and exposing 6 for other teams. That would mean Jayron, Gregory, Anger, etc would be retained and if they ball out next year then they'll be well paid. If Gregory gets high all the time and sucks then he won't get paid. In my system the players would be more motivated to play harder since it directly correlates with their paychecks.

Also in my system if you have someone like Dak Prescott who explodes his rookie year, then his rookie year he makes 35 or so million. He doesn't have to risk his body hoping he doesn't get injured before he gets paid. Also in my system if Zeke is the 31st best RB in the league then we don't have to pay him 18 million.

I'm just brainstorming on a way to reward teams for drafting well and then reward players for playing well and giving them some form of guaranteed money in case of injury on a rookie contract. Also I feel this would help motivate players to play hard and stay out of trouble.

Also i know that most people would like this, especially agents, and there's some kinks that would have to be worked out but that would be my wish for the NFL. The NFL was funner back in the 70s and 80s before FA hit. Teams that drafted well usually lasted. IMO I wish we could get back to a system like that but also a system were the players can make serious bank if they play well.

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