Your All Time Overrated Draft Pet Cats

Draft day is here. This time of year is when “Pet Cat Disease” (or PCD) hits the strongest. You know the symptoms- Cowboys fans breaking into a cold sweat after watching a draft prospect’s overrated college highlight film, then falling in draft love with a mediocre pro prospect this team “has to have”. We were thrilled when they were drafted. We’ve all probably had at least 1 or 2 pet cats that turned out to be not that great.

Which leads me to ask: Who are the all time overrated Cowboys fans Pet Cats of the past? Here’s my short list:

  • Rico Gathers– a former basketball player drafted in the 6th round in 2016, projected as a TE. Gathers quickly became an OTA and preseason legend- especially against UFAs in preseason games. You know like a 175 lb safety from a directional mid-major school that would never make an NFL roster. I’ve never seen a more overrated player than Rico Gathers, who stayed stashed on this roster for too long.
  • Matt Johnson– a Safety selected by the Cowboys in the 4th round of the 2012 draft out of Eastern Washington. Considered a freak athlete, Johnson was kept on the IR for two full seasons although he never played a down of regular season NFL football. I remember many fans believing he was a future stud who just needed to stop pulling hammies.
  • Beau Morgan– a former QB from Air Force who was being converted to RB in the Jimmy Johnson/Barry Switzer era. Morgan was an UFA who was essentially just a camp body who happened to lead the team in rushing in preseason. Which somehow convinced loads of fans that he was the real deal. Two straight preseasons Morgan led the team in rushing. And two straight Septembers, the Cowboys cut him, much to the pain of many Cowboys pet cat owners.
  • Alexander Wright– a former second round pick of the Cowboys in Jimmy’s second draft in 1990. Wright was drafted because of his 4.4 speed and nothing else. He was fast, but as the old sayings go, “He couldn’t catch a cold”, or “Couldn’t play dead in a western movie”. Fast doesn’t make you a football player. Wright’s best year as a Cowboy was his first, when he caught 11 passes. Was traded to the raiders in ‘92.

There are many more infamous overrated pet cats. Who’s on your list? Maybe you have some in this year’s draft?

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