Coaching Matters in December

We are all hoping for a “December to Remember“ as the saying goes. The next 5 games on our schedule will not only determine our playoff seeding this year, it will also probably determine a ton in the NFC’s playoff seeding picture.

Playing really well in December is a habit of teams who are serious about making a playoff run. The HCs in our history that have had great records in December usually meant we were headed for a good January too.

Look at the records of our HCs in December:


  • His all time record in December was 55-31-1.
  • Landry’s December record in the 1970s decade was an astounding 25-3!


  • His December record as HC in Dallas was 12-7.
  • Between 91-93, his record was 9-1.

BARRY SWITZER- His December record as Cowboys HC was a paltry 6-8.

CHAN GAILEY was 3-5 in Dec games.

DAVE CAMPO was 4-9 in Dec games.

BILL PARCELLS was 8-9 in Dec.

WADE PHILLIPS- was 5-7 in Dec.

JASON GARRETT was 23-15 in Dec.

NOW…MIKE McCARTHY- his all-time record in December as a HC is a stellar 47-19.

  • In Green Bay his record in Dec was 36-17.
  • In Dallas so far over 3 seasons has been 11-2.

So it’s obvious….playing well in December is very important. Starting this Sunday we have a chance to start another great playoff drive.

Heres to another “December to Remember!

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