I want this team to greatly reduce its penalties

Repeat — is not something a team should want for leading the league in penalties. This team had better have a quality plan in place for reducing its amount of penalties. The Cowboys didn't just have a lot of penalties. They lead the @#$%ing league in them! No team is ever devoid of penalties. The game is too complex for that. However, one of this team's goals should be to be in the bottom 20% of penalized teams. It's totally unacceptable for a team to be in the top-ten most penalized, but to be #1 is absurd.

I understand the Tyson Smith draft pick is all about strengthening our O-line so that this team can have a quality running game and can protect our quarterback when we pass. However, I have some concern over this player's problem with penalties.

If this team leads the league again in penalties, and Tyson Smith is a significant part of that, I'm going to be extremely peeved. On the other hand, if the team gets its penalties way down, and Smith plays great, not making too many penalties, then I'm good.

I want an offense that can chew up the clock with a high quality running game that makes few penalties. The team overall should be in the bottom 20% of penalties. Let some other team have the dubious distinction of most penalized in the league.

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