What About a Less-Talented Team with a Chip on their Shoulders?

So, this team needs to find its identity, gel, become cohesive, and I think it generally has the experience and chemistry to do that and start the season out anywhere between 4-0 to 1-3, I'd suspect, with it being more likely we're something like 3-1, at that point, and in first place of the division, again.

We have lost some players with talent. But experience can help team tremendously, along with the the off-season, competition for positions training camp, all that stufff helps mold your team's identity going into the next season.

In some ways, I kind of like that. Like all of you, I haven't been as enamored by the team as I've been in previous years. Something about the Cowboys does feel like I'm being sold a bag of crap wrapped in gold.




And that's tiring.

And, then, the cycle repeats, and there's always next year.

By this time, nobody expects them to do anything.

"It's the Cowboys; they haven't won in almost 30 years" they'll say.

But we're due.

I like Kellen Moore, but I hope he's putting in some time this offseason looking where he went wrong. The schemes he was running on our lines against the 9ers, kind of hurt us.

We're weak up the middle as a team. I would like to see that addressed in the draft.

Aside from the soft spot in the middle, this team is actually pretty good.

Dakota Prescott included.

I personally would like to see him hitting the gym as much as possible, as well as the film room. That, and I would like to see him doing his own training regimen like Tom Brady. He's got all the talent; something has to click for him. He has to find that, whatever it is, and that usually comes from putting in the extra time.

In any case, given our history, what we need right now is a new identity moving forward so that we can control our own narrative moving forward, as champions once again.

The past cannot be rewritten.

But we can play with a chip on our shoulders and win when everyone else has written us off.

Sometimes, your team's mentality wins games.

See the beginnings of the Patriots dynasty.

I would like the Cowboys to take one step at a time before thinking about a dynasty.

But the atmosphere, something, has to change this year..

There needs to be a mindset, a chip on their shoulders.. etc.

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