Your 5 Biggest Surprises for the First 4 Weeks of 2023 season?

I’m going to go with Jalen Brooks, Jalen Moreno Cropper, and/or possibly Dontario Drummond as my first surprise in the wide receiver room. I’m not sure how many UDFAs make our team, but I could see a few making the roster. I’m also excited to see this Durden guy and Barbon. I haven’t lost hope on Simi Fehoko, but I really like our new class of WRs for camp. I suspect the Cowboys have a spot for him on the 53 this camp.

Other rookies who might make a contribution in your first few games? Give me rounds 1-4. I think by the fourth game, people will begin to see Overshown as special player. His instincts are off the charts, and he’s very coachable. And he fits the types of schemes we run to disguise our looks perfectly. I’m going to throw Vaughn in there just to keep him in the same category as the other rookies with instincts.. Throw in Schoonmaker, too. I think people are sleeping on Schoonie. Or Schooooon! He was much like Mazi Smith. His job was to block. What he does with the ball, per capita, is great. And he blocks like a champ! This has the making of being one of the best drafts ever, in my opinion. People have just sort of slept on it, because the draft has become so popularized and most people didn’t get the player they wanted. I think Fehoko will possibly surprise a lot of folks, too. The proof will be in the pudding, as they say.

Given the significant upgrades to the roster, Dak Prescott will surprise possibly even myself. He needs a fresh running back running behind Pollard. Zeke had gotten too worn down, which ironically exposed Dak when before his explosiveness and blocking prowess was tough to handle. Zeke just lost his explosiveness. The Cowboys didn’t sit on their hands this offseason, and vastly improved their team even before the draft.

My pre-camp comeback player for 2023 is Malik Jefferson. Texas alum with a nice RAS, just has to find it within and mentally, which he was on the cusp of doing last year. At least ‘ole boy is still putting up a fight for a roster spot in the NFL. Not to exclude Devin Harper.

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