Underdogs, But Key Players on Our Team and the Micah Parsons Effect

We have guys like John Fassel and Dorance Armstrong and dare I say Kelvin Joseph, all who have made key contributions to this team in places like special teams.

Outside of Demarcus Lawrence and Parsons, our entire defensive line is full of the proverbial underdog types who all happen to be overachieving, all at the right time.

I have to say I think Parsons has a lot to do with this. He's like having a player coach in terms of getting guys mentally prepared.

You look at the sounds from the sidelines and the players are all saying, "lets go!" like Parsons.

And they are all bonding around just having a blast being good and making plays to strengthen that bond.

The bond gets stronger with each win, and each player gives their all.

I hope the Eagles are ready. Because they are about to face probably the most mentally tough team they will face all year.

The Cowboys are different this year.

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