Still holding out hope for Kelvin Joseph

I am still holding out hope for CB Kelvin Joseph to develop into a solid starting CB for the Cowboys. But while the hit rate on first round picks is around 75%, the hit rate on second round picks is about 50%. The Cowboys hit big with 2nd round pick Diggs in 2020, but their 2021 second round pick might prove the statistics if he ends up being a bust.

But I still like his size and athleticism at the CB position. Unfortunately, his lack of playing experience in college has shown up, and he may not have the mental ability to play the position in the NFL.

Recently, he tweeted that he finally gets it, and this year is going to be much better. Talk is cheap, but I am still hoping for him to break out and start living up to his potential. Even if he does finally get it, he’s going to find it hard to get on the field playing behind Diggs, and former DPOTY Gilmore, not to mention two players ranked among the top 10 playing the slot in Lewis and Bland. If he does start plying better, it may still be another year before we see it on game day.

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