WR group is probably the worst outside of the Giants

We have one legitimate receiver in CeeDee Lamb, who is starting to look like the receiver we thought we will get after drafting him. Tremendous in space.

Gallup is giving the team virtually nothing on a week to week basis. One of the worst in the entire league to gaining separation, haven’t seen one deep pass stretching the field, which was his calling card. He has become a finesse, underneath receiver this season, post injury.

With Gallup’s lack of production this season, Noah Brown has be forced to become the team’s #2 receiver. Nothing against Brown, who has played well, but on a good team he is more of a 4th or 5th type of receiver. The team is using him as their deep threat and go to guy when teams double up Lamb. This is a total miscast.

We have gotten nothing out of James Washington since he has been activated. There is a reason why the team signed Hilton and are still chasing OBJ, as this group is probably the worse in the conference outside the Giants receivers. Our passing game is pretty much Lamb and Dalton Shultz. Something has to change or our passing offense can easily be shutdown.

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