A clear eyed vision of the Jacksonville Game!

To McCarthy, sometimes to win the war you don’t fight every battle, you run the ball on 3rd and 10 and punt. Are odds of winning probably increase by 50%, if we take the conservative and smart option, and just run the ball and punt!

Quinn was out coached by Peterson. Throughout the game we had no answer for all their misdirection. Jacksonville had over 500 yards of offense.

Dak played every bit as good as Lawrence in this game. Dak and Lawrence both had 1 bad interception. Dak threw a second interception, that was a perfectly thrown pass, and Lawrence had a bad fumble, that very easily could have ended the game. Lawrence had way larger windows to throw into, than Dak. Again, Peterson out schemed and coached Quinn.

Quinn commented after the Texan game about how being challenged was good for the D. How did this ridiculous performance vs Jacksonville help this MEDIOCRE defense. Over the last 2 weeks this is a very mediocre defense!

Fans that scream all the time we must run the ball are clueless! In the 2nd half when we kept trying to pound the ball we either punted or settled for FG’s. In general, a smart team, takes what the defense gives you, but not always. If the other teams strength is stopping the run, then a smart team runs sparingly. Even when we had the Great Wall, we didn’t just pound the ball all the time. Remember when Philly stuffed Emmitt twice in a row on short runs, then we went on to beat them in the playoffs.

Kellon Moore is not perfect, but he is one of the better OC’s in the league. This year, I think he has been a little more creative in his run schemes.

Stop making excuses about our injuries on D. The players we lost on D were never known as play makers( Lewis, Brown, LVE, Hankins ). We need our known playmakers on D to start making plays( Mika, Lawrence, Diggs, our Safeties)

I think TY Hilton will help this offense!

I hate to say it but this Offense needs to protect the Defense. right now! Play Field position( punt the dam ball ), control the clock and run the ball until we are forced to pass.

Dak MUST stop pressing. Throw the dam ball away and punt. Play to fight another day!!

This O line has the potential to be EXCELLENT if it can stay healthy!

Defense does not improve, until they start doing their DA_ job!!!

Sam Williams MUST step up! Give him 75% of the DE snaps!

Put Mika at MLBer, let’s find out how instinctive he is as a LBer. Start Williams at DE!

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