If I cared as much as I used to, I would have an ulcer

In the 70s, we lived and died Dallas Cowboys; they were the air in our lungs. The Hail Mary gave us sheer joy, and the Super Bowl losses to Pittsburgh were sheer agony.

If I cared that much today, I would be institutionalized somewhere, wearing a straight jacket and singing nursery rhymes. They do enough to build a team that I start to get excited about, and then they make STUPID and ASININE mistakes that you wouldn’t expect from an amateur. There were multiple things like that in the Jags game, but the one where I tossed my cookies was when the defense bailed them out by forcing a fumble. Cool, we pig up all the time and we win! Then it’s third and whatever (about 8?) and they have one timeout left. A running play forces them to use their final timeout, and we punt, giving them very little time and no timeouts. Or we complete a high percentage safe pass, and it’s the same thing if we don’t get the first, or the game is iced if we make it.

What do we do? A low-percentage bomb down the field for a ton of yards that we don’t even need. It’s incomplete, giving them three gifts:

Stopped clock

They keep their timeout

Get the ball back with more time

It drives me bonkers! Most of us watching would have known better than to do that, and we’re not pros! Some of us here have played at the high school or maybe even the college level, but we’re not a bunch of ex NFL players and coaches.

If our amateur judgement is obviously better than our coaches, what does that say about these coaches?

I mean SHEESH! That was pretty basic stuff. Am I right? Or is there some reason why throwing a bomb down the field was a great idea?

Anyway, I’m not going to live or die Cowboys like I did when I was a kid. No way can I do that. I don’t want to end up in a rubber room.

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