Early look at the NFC East-gap is growing smaller

Cowboys dominated the division last yr, sweeping all 6 games. However, the talent gap has grown much closer after this offseason:

-Cowboys lost Cooper, Collins and Gregory. They plan to replace all three with unproven, young talent. Whenever you go to the youth movement, it takes time to develop players.

-Eagles perhaps have the best roster in the division. Added an impact #1 WR, two impact defensive rookies and a few defensive starters via fa. Became more of a run first team, can Hurts beat teams through the air? Teams are going to force Hurts to beat them with his arm, not his legs.

-Washington is getting their stud pass rusher back in Chase Young. Defense took a step back, but they still have one the best defensive lines in the league. Wentz played with one of the best OL's in football with a great running game, now he comes to Washington with less talent, this could potentially be a recipe for disaster.

-Giants have two legitimate edge rushers now, although unproven. Have 2 top 5 picks at Tackle, but OL remains a questionmark. Daniel Jones still remains a turnover machine and durability concerns. This is a team in transition, they are in the midst of a rebuild.

Cowboys are favorite to win the division for the 2nd straight yr, which hasn't happened in years. Typicially, after an successful season, the Cowboys fail to make the playoffs the following yr. This has to change, still have the best QB in the division and by a far margin. Eagles represent more of a challenge, but still could be a franchise QB away. Think both Washington and the Giants will struggle again this season.

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