With Quinn back, what is needed to complete the defense rebuild

Defense once again led the league in turnovers, which doesn’t usually happen. They were very good against the pass, until Anthony Brown went down for the season. However, their run defense was extremely suspect and inconsistent. The addition of Hankins helped, but this is still a huge area of need. What are the final pieces to finish this defensive rebuild?

-Look at the Eagles, 49ers and inside our division, every team has a former 1st rd pick at the DT position, the Cowboys have none. DT remains the #1 need for this defense at both positions, the 1 and the 3. Hankins needs to be resigned, but depth behind him needs to be added, the Cowboys have been searching for that legit 3 it seems like 20 years since Glover started for them. Hill, Gallimore, Collins never materialize, jury is still out on Osa, who has flashed some in his first two seasons. I believe this defense needs to add a star inside for the defense to take that next, final step. Believe we are fine at DE, perhaps they bring back Fowler.

-In my opinion, Lve was a different player when Hankins protected him up front. We all know, he isn’t good at taking on blocks and is more of a run and hit backer. He also holds his own in pass coverage and lines up the entire defense. With Quinn back, I expect Lve to be extended. Clark will now have a full offseason and should improve in his 2nd season. Barr most likely won’t be back and we do have one of our prospects still in the pipeline in Devin Harper. Adding more depth via the draft would make sense.

-As for the secondary, Diggs has his moments of playing over aggressive, not physical enough in the run game, but was an improved player. Brown went down with a major, season ending injury, but was struggling before that. Quinn was forced to move our backup, slot corner bland to the outside cause our two former top 100 picks, could hold up in Joseph, Wright. Lewis just like Brown, had the same major, season ending injury. Muku stepped in at the slot late in the season and did a great job.

-Think the team is going to move on from both Brown/Lewis as they may never been the same players after that type of injury. In my opinion, will be hunting for another starting corner in the draft and perhaps maybe bring in another veteran bridge type player. Depth also has to be address if Joseph/Wright aren’t the answer. #2 Priority.

-Safety looks like in pretty good shape outside of Wilson being a fa. Both Kearse/Hooker still have a year left on their contracts. They also have a few younger prospects, like Muku, Bell, Coyle. Many are wondering about Cox, believe Quinn see him in that Kearse role. Believe this is more of a 2024 need area. Biggest question is, will Wilson be back?

This defense isn’t that far off at all. Fix the DT and CB positions and they could potentially be as good as anyone.

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