Jerry doing Jerry things

this may sound like a rant against Jerry, but I don’t intend it to be that. its understanding the state of cowboys, so that we can understand and set our expectations of our cowboys. and I apologize in advance for the long post.

Jerry is all about marketing, fanbase, market perception, value value value. I guarantee you that the post SF game twit didn’t go out without him being aware. Every move Jerry makes is about the bottom line and the business and public perception, managing it and growing the fan base and selling more Jersey’s. Jerry has a good business sense. an intuition, sixth sense if you will. I give him that.

He stuck by Dak, because Jersey’s were flying off the shelf. Given Dak’s recent fan base hits, he can sense a market shift, so he is making moves. given the recent set backs, he is strategizing his steps. one at a time. he is waiting to see the market response and he can plan his next move with Dak and rest of the team. All these coaches firings are his response to current crisis and crisis management in his fanbase. He is a master of selling and he always sold hope. these moves are steps in the process. to generate hope to keep fan base engaged and interested. to show the fan base he is making changes. he has disappeared from the media, so he doesn’t have to answer the tough questions until the tide changes to positive. in essence throwing everyone under the bus and not holding himself accountable.

There will be player moves coming. again some of it will be market driven. Do I mean every move he makes is about the market? in essence indirectly, yes, but building a successful team, that can produce a good product, intrigue, interest in fanbase, is part of that plan. a bad product is not going to sell for long. but he doesn’t have to build a championship team to have that. do I mean he doesn’t care about winning a championship? no, he does. but its not the top priority. its not get that at all costs.

It will be interesting to see his actions in regards to Dak, Tyron, Zeke, Lawrence and a few more. He does make these decisions sometimes personal, ala him dumping Cooper for peanuts was in essence getting back at cooper. He does have business and personal relationship with several of the players. He has touted Dak, stood by him and made him his center piece. Jerseys sold off the shelf. seats were full. money money money……, not so much, so he has to figure out his next move. He has to figure out the story he has to tell (sell), how to sell hope for 2023. does he extend him? does he restructure?, does he stay with current contract? and impact to cap space and still be able to be competitive enough to generate interest and sell out home games…

Philly went to Superbowl, gave a large contract to their QB, then cut him, moved on, drafted well, changed coaches, rebuild the team all in 4 years. SF has rebuilt, is deep and competitive year in year out. in 4 years. both without Star, Elite QBs we covet and think is the elixir to our problems. Jerry is unable to do that. his focus is not on winning a championship at all cost. its building the most valuable franchise at any cost.

so my fellow fans. this is how it will be. I thought I came to grips with that last year. I wasn’t as interested in the team earlier this year, but I got fooled once again. shame on me. perhaps a second time I will be smarter. perhaps playoff appearance and a playoff win is best we can do and will do and thus that should be our expectations. I don’t think we will ever win a championship under jerry. this is not a Dak debate, because as we all know there was romo and before romo another QB and so on. and Dak will be gone and there will be the next QB, debates on this board will continue, arguments to be had and nothing will change. in essence 2022 is as good as it gets…. and that sucks.

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