Need to see it, to believe it-run defense fixed?

Cowboy Defense really struggled defending the run for the majority of last season:

-The trade of Hankins helped shore up the middle

-Really struggled with the outside runs to the weakside

-Had zero answers for those read option QB’s

-Run defense was good against the 49ers until the got tired late

-The combination of Hankins/Mazi Smith should solidify the NT/1T position, emergence of Golston should solidify the interior.

-Quinn used Parsons more as a LB on the early run downs in the postseason, it seem to work, less outside, successful runs happened. This will also keep him more fresh.

-Will Clark make that so called 2nd year leap? He struggled with the mental side and was benched in the postseason.

-Overshown was being touted pre-draft as the #1 QB Spy LB in the class. Will Quinn carve out this role for him?

If this defense can be successful on the early downs, they have the potential of becoming truly an elite defense, with a very good pass rush and several ball hawks within our secondary.

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