Just for Fun Championship round all teams

JFF Playoffs Championship round

Predict the scores for each game in Champ rd

Your score will show who you think will win

5 points for each game you pick right winner.


Bonus for 3-10 points

Predict the score

All below are added to the 5 points for correct winning score predictions

1.Exact on 1 and off on 1 = 3 points

2.Exact on both = 10 points

one bonus question per game 2 total for 3 points each


Here is what your post should look like

no quote or comment above,

This is the order games will be played


Line : PHI -2.5

O/U : 46

2:00 PM


49ers 5-3Away)


Eagles 7-2Home)


bonus Q which team will have most yds rushing?


5:30 PM


Line : KC -1.0

O/U : 47.5

Bengals 6-3Away)


Chiefs 7-1Home)


bonus Q which team will have most yds passing?

and I dont subtract sack yds.

for copy and paste







if quote move it down put answers above it. ( I will subtract points for quotes above your answers)

I have not clarified on if someone wants

to change their post /prediction/ answers.

What you can do is quote your 1st post, as you did, but then put cursor in front of the

first [QUOTE , and hit enter to move it down, then new answers above at the top.

That way I can just copy the new post not the quote.


just make whole new post and below that say your changing

your prediction, it helps to say your changing, otherwise I would think it is your only post.

but the quote thing works too, just move it down and post new one above

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