Some very good signs, but we need to continue to improve in these areas!

1. The run D is getting better. Gallimore and Hankins are starting to clog the middle and make a few plays. Have been waiting all year for Gallimore to step up. He is starting to do it. The run D needs to continue to improve before I feel confident we can slow down TB’s, 49er’s, or Philly run game in the playoffs.

2. Diggs, and now Bland, can make plays on the ball and cover, but we have Joseph as our 3rd corner. Can Joseph improve enough to be a steady corner, a little better than Brown. Brown was our weak link in the defensive backfield.

3. Our LBers are improving. Our rookie is improving every game. By the playoffs he may be a play maker!

4. Mark my word: Sam Williams will be our second best pass rusher. I want it to be this year. Give him more snaps!!! He is pretty darn good vs the run too!

5. Our O line is very good, but they can get better with a little more POWER at left guard. By the playoffs we need 2 of these 3 players starting on the left side, Tyron, Tyler, or Peters. Who ever is playing the best at the end of the season.

6. Our receivers our doing well, but OBJ would help this team if 100% healthy. Before signing him make him workout to prove he is healthy.

7. We are good on third and 1, but we can get better. Steal Philly’s QB sneak. Dak is as strong as Hurts.

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