When upgrading off-season roster- Think needs, not names

When trying to upgrade an NFL roster, one of the traps some organizations (and many fans) fall into is chasing names (well known players) instead of first identifying needs, then finding the right players who can fit those needs.

In other words instead of just saying, “We need a WR and OBJ is available”, it‘s better to know what skills are needed in the WR position we need before just throwing out a big name WR (that used to be good) There may be a younger, better option available no one has heard of. This is true of multiple positions, not just WR.

More specifically, if we look honestly at this roster as it was constituted at the end of the ‘22 season, here are a list of needs that need to be addressed in BOTH the DRAFT and FA, and possibly TRADES as well:


  • Stopping the run/inside pass rush (Interior DL)
  • Getting better tackling from run defense and open field plays (DL, LB, S, Corner)
  • Strengthening our ability to run the ball (OG, C, OT)
  • Big play capability from skill positions (RB, WR, TE)
  • Consistent pass coverage from multiple secondary positions (Corner, S)
  • Backup QB who can be developed

Again, this is an incomplete list of needs, but it’s a good start. So instead just throwing out names, we should first look at the needs, THEN find a suitable player who fits all other parameters.

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