With Elliott out, Prescott needs to run the football much more

Pollard isn't a bell cow back; his body can't take a bell cow's share of carries in a game. He's the most explosive player on the team but he can't carry the ball 25+ times in a game like Zeke Elliott can.

I'd personally like to see a lot of running from Prescott to replace a lot of Zeke's carries. A lot of Cam Newton in his prime in Carolina or that ex 49ers QB from ten years ago whose name is censored on this forum, in his prime style stuff like QB draw up the middle, QB power, read option out. Prescott is a strong and tough runner and unlike Pollard should be able to get the tough yards up the gut on short downs, not just with sneaks but also with designed runs. Also don't be afraid to run Prescott early and often on 1st and 10 with empty formation or motioning Pollard in and out.

My issue is we may need to use someone like Hendershot or Ferguson in the backfield with Prescott often as sort of an H-back, like Romo did often with Hanna… instead of only Pollard as the ace tailback especially when we're going to pass because Pollard for all his qualities is one of the worst pass protecting backs in the NFL when Elliott is objectively one of the best if not the very best in the NFL at that specific skill.

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