Can This Team Win It All This Year?

Sitting at 5-2 after 7 games with a very winnable game this week then a bye. Top 5 defense without question. Offense a work in progress but a top offense the last two years. Two wins behind the Iggles. Buffalo and KC dominating in the AFC, right now probably better than anything the NFC has to offer.

Can this team continue to play dominating defense while growing as an offense into an above average offense at least, making it a contender for the whole enchilada? Are we one player away? If so, who is that player? What would you trade to get him?

Or maybe you think that Philly, Buffalo and KC are too good and we would be better sitting pat and putting into next year and the year after. In that case we would sit tight and develop our talent to peak in the next couple of years.

Where do you stand on this? I, myself, think that we can win it all this year with great defensive play and an offense that can grind it out but also put up a lot of points like they have in the past. This team gets after quarterbacks so even the 3 outstanding ones on the 3 teams I mentioned will struggle with pressure in their faces. I wanna go all in this year. Get a top receiver or even an offensive linemen that solidifies the offense.

Where do you stand?

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