Brett Maher and Tony Pollard get the game balls

For the 40-3 TROUNCING over Minnesota, 3rd consecutive year we've won at Minnesota's home stadium, beaten the Vikings in their house with three different quarterbacks no less. We own that team and have their number, and the Cowboys will always be Kurt Coupons' daddy no matter what.

Maher: 4/4 including a SIXTY yard kick and two from 50+. This was huge in the first half because it shaped the way the game went. Without Maher's accurate kicking, the score stays closer and the Vikings are more inclined to stick to the ground game, exposing our bad run defense. Brett Maher saved our bad run defense by continuing to put points on the board when the offense could not.

Tony Pollard, nearly 200 yards from scrimmage and 2 TDs. The most impressive was running that deep nine route which should be a more regular play in the playbook because he's probably our fastest and best deep WR even though his main position is halfback. He's our Aaron Jones, and Zeke is our AJ Dillon. We should have more plays where Zeke is the tailback and Pollard is lined up wide and runs deep go routes and/or double moves… we should definitely be taking deep shots in the passing game to Pollard on a regular basis.

Honorable mentions:

-Micah Parsons with 2 sacks, 1 takeaway and about a dozen pressures

-Dorance Armstrong with 2 sacks and multiple pressures

-Sam Williams with multiple TFLs on running plays

-Dak didn't throw an interception and played within himself

-Gallup is starting to finally round into form

-Zeke was able to punch it in 2 out of 2 times for TDs and was perfect on short yardage

-Anger didn't have many punts, but when he did he pinned MIN deep inside their own 10

-The offensive line pass protected and run blocked very, very well.

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