Thoughts about today’s win


-As I told poster Hawkeye yesterday, there will be game in which the defense has it's struggles, where the offense is going to have to pick them up. They did that today, in a big way.

-Saw a stat that the team was 9 out of 10 on third down, that was terrific, considering how that struggled in that area against the Lions.

-Pollard had a huge breakout game, although we got to keep in mind it was against the worst run defense in the league. Think the roles should be flipped, where Zeke should be more the closer. Tremendous performance today by Pollard.

-Dak was terrific, started fast and led them to 4 straight TD drives to start the game. Yes, had one poor interception, but outside of that, best game of the season.

-Shultz is a different player with Dak as the starting QB.

-I counted just 1 offensive penalty all game, keep it up.


-Thought the defense did well in the first half stopping their ground attack, but really struggled containing Fields. The only way the Cowboys were going to lose was if Fields beat them with his feet not his arm, which he did for most of the game. Think he converted 4 first downs with his legs. DLaw really struggled with outside containment today. Giving up over 200 years on the ground is unacceptable.

-Noticed both of new arrivals had good opening games in Hankins and Clark. Thought Osa's sack was due to Hankins occupying to blockers.

-Dante Fowler flashes every game, but he always commits a penalty that extends the drive. Defensive penalties have to improve from Fowler and the rest of the unit.

-Thought the defense gave up a few big plays in the passing game against a team that really struggles in that area.

-The Cowboys in my opinion, need to move Parsons around, him not moving is allowing teams to have a plan to stop him. I also think he is playing too much DE where he is waring down.

-Nice to see Lve cause a game changing turnover.

Special Teams

-Hell of a punt from Anger from our endzone.

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