CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup get the game balls for today

In a game when nobody played particularly well aside from the starting wideouts and, to a lesser extent, the tight end position. The offensive line failed to block like men; Dak Prescott had a below average game with two red-zone TD throws to Schultz and two awful INTs, the defense gave up a backbreaking last-minute TD thanks to a bad penalty by Micah Parsons, Anthony Brown consistently got cooked against the pass all game, Sam Williams and DeMarcus Lawrence were on milk cartons, the run defense was yet again putrid, and even "Money Maher" missed his only attempt and from inside 50 no less. The Cowboys' defense was unable to sack Daniel Jones consistently, leading to big strike after big strike from the Giants' pass thrower. Dallas lost the turnover battle by 2, forcing no takeaways on defense; Mike McCarthy and Kellen Moore made some awful decisions (including getting stuffed on 4th and 2 inside our own territory), the Cowboys were penalized double digit times for around 100 yards (more than twice as many penalties and penalty yards as the Giants); Dan Quinn underwhelmed; Tony Pollard did nothing spectacular this game; and while Elliott had an above average game he was held well under 100 yards and failed to close out the Giants down the stretch, giving them the ball back on that last critical drive.

The offense produced juice primarily because of the starting wideouts, and man did they need it. In the first half, Gallup caught not one, not two, but three hotly-contested balls which led to our only scoring drive of the first half. Neither Lamb nor Gallup scored a touchdown, but Lamb also had many critical third-down conversions, by great route, by tough contested spectacular grab or by penalty flag, Lamb was a consistent chain mover when we needed that most, setting up the two touchdowns.

In a game in which the media's biggest spotlight and attention was on a wide receiver who is currently unemployed, Lamb and Gallup shined the brightest and helped the Cowboys to their best extent on Thanksgiving Football 2022.

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