How I’ve Come to Peace as a Cowboys Fan

A few years ago I felt trapped in Cowboys hell. Fed up with Jerry and feeling hopeless the team would ever bring up another Lombardi Trophy.

In the past couple years I cobbled together a "system" that works for me. Gives me more peace and enjoyment as a fan. My plan might seem like nonsense to you. Might not work for you at all.

But here it is:

1 – In addition to my Cowboys wife, I've added mistresses, side dalliances. Yup. The Chargers, the Bills, even an emerging interest in the Lions, who I think could be a fun team on the rise next year. If things are ugly at home….I get out. (I sure don't view this as a good plan for real life family, but feeling loyalty to a sports team? C'mon, thazzz silly.)

2 – I don't watch games live. Do loosely track the game, but don't watch. Depending on how interesting the game looks after it's over I do the following:

-If It's an ugly loss, watch 10 minute highlights that night on YouTube. That's it. Save the full game to watch later in week, when I'm detached.

-If it's a well played loss I sometimes watch most or all the plays that evening on condensed NFL+

-If it's a win watch the full re-broadcast on NFL+…again later that night (night owl here)

3 – Later in the week before bed often re-watch (or watch afresh) chunks of games. Then I'm 100% in analytical mode.

4 – Take it game-by-game and enjoy any win and any player successes. Not hung up on Super Bowls. With 1/32 odds each year, life's too short to get hung up on winning the fan lottery.

I'm not going to expose my emotions to a Roger-Goodell-run league or a Jerry-run team. Just not. One thing certainly does suck with my plan: the annual subscription for NFL+ package.

If any part of my plan adds a little enjoyment to a couple fans here…I'm honored to have assisted.

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