There is Some Hope For Cowboys (Most Super Bowl Ingredients in Place)

Super Bowl winning teams must meet minimum requirements, right?

In this thread I invite you to join me in discussing what those requirements are, and how the Cowboys ’23 team might stack up in meeting this criteria.

#1 Super Bowl Criteria: A top defense.

I ran some numbers on Super Bowl winning teams from 1970 to present, and discovered the following:

-49 of 53 (92%) of Super Bowl champs featured above average defenses (points allowed)​
-42 of 53 (79%) of Super Bowl champs featured defenses that ranked in the top eight​

Want to bring it closer to home? All (5 of 5) Cowboys Super Bowl winning teams possessed top-8 defenses! And for a bit of a shock? Consider that Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw and John Elway never won a Super Bowl without a top 8 defense!

To refine the numbers: 30 of 53 (57%) of Super Bowl champs rocked top five defenses. 14 Super Bowl Champs were #1 in defense.

So though there are occasional exceptions… let’s wrap this up as Rule #1: A Super Bowl team needs a top eight defense, and top five is where it’s at.

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