Every Leupke snap vs. Jets

Drive 1,

-Very nice lead block on play 2, assisting productive Pollard run​
-Goal line play. Ran right into Steele’s back. No contribution​

Drive 3

-Smacked a Jets linebacker, but didn’t sustain his block. Same Jet LB made the tackle.​
-Nice block, seemed to help Pollard gain a few additional yards.​

Drive 4

-Hit a Jet defender but no benefit on play​
-Was out in the route in the flats. Drew no defenders and was wide open. Dak tossed to Gallup, incomplete. Could have been a nice Leupke moment, had Dak checked down.​
-Goal line play. Released to flat. Dak looked first his direction. Covered. TD pass to Schoon.​
-X-tra point lead blocker for Pollard. Seemed to hit a target, but unclear it impacted play.​

Drive 5

-Goal line lead blocker. No real block made.​

Drive 7

-Hit a guy, but not relevant to play.​
-Nice seal block, though it didn’t impact play​
-Great block for Dowdle on flat screen-lite. Productive play.​

Drive 10

-Hit a Jet. No impact on play. Jets were playing run all the way. No chance to really contribute.​

Drive 12

-Victory formation-protection for Dak’s kneel​
-Victory formation-protection for another Dak kneel​
-Victory formation-protection for another Dak kneel​

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