What Does This Tell Us?

Since 2000, the Cowboys have drafted a total of 30 players that have made at least one Pro Bowl. These players have combined for 92 Pro Bowls. During those same, most recent 23 drafts, the Eagles have selected 21 players with at least one Pro Bowl for a combined total of 48 Pro Bowls.

The Cowboys have a third more Pro Bowlers with almost double the combined Pro Bowls compared to the Eagles.


Cowboys drafted since 2000 have produced 180 times that a draft pick was the starter for a particular season. In total, they participated in 3515 games

The Eagles, meanwhile, have produced 132 starts for their picks in the same drafts with a total participation of 2469 games.

And yet:

The Eagles have made the playoffs 15 times since 2000, playing in 7 conference championship games and 2 Super Bowls.

The Cowboys have made the playoffs 9 times since 2000.

How is this possible?

The Cowboys looked to be drafting better than the Eagles since 2000. The Eagles seem to do better with less. Again, how is this possible?

In my opinion, there are two possibilities. One of them would be poor management of both the salary cap and veteran free agency. The other would be poor coaching with an emphasis on gameplanning.

Obviously, the Cowboys had superior talent in the draft. Considering the results, this could be a case of coaches not knowing how to deploy their weapons, poor strategy. Then again, it could be poor free agency choices, trades, or contracts. It could be very poor cap management.

Clearly, it’s not a matter of talent from the draft. What do you think it is?

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