Post what you are hoping to see on Day 3

Seems to me we still have big needs on OL, need some corner depth, a RB, maybe a QB, and of course WR. I do see a couple edge types that I wouldn’t mind but seems like not really a need.

At this point, I kind of think we probably are gonna pass on RB and most likely QB. So CB, OL and WR.

On the OL, Chandler Zavala seems like a guy that would fit and could be there when we pick. Mainly a power type guy, not a zone blocker. Dawand Jones is a giant and a beast. There are couple other fits. This might be the best route in Rd 4.

If we go corner, Ringo is there…a lot of people compare him to Diggs. Kind of a gambler. I think he will be gone by our pick. Darius Rush, compared to Richard Sherman, long arms and good speed. Jakorian Bennett, similar body style and good speed. There are definitely some corners of interest.

WR there are some guys I like such as A.T Perry. Could use a burner like Trey Palmer.

I wouldn’t mind a flyer on Tune, Haener, O’Connell, or Thompson-Robinson. Get a QB to develop.

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